Time for Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Take the Work Out of Cleaning Your Blinds

16 March 2017
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Winter is finally coming to an end. Spring will be here before you know it. If you're in the process of switching into cleaning mode, there's probably one chore that you're really dreading – the cleaning of the blinds. Your window blinds collect plenty of dirt, dust, and oils. Unfortunately, because of those slats, they can be a real pain to get clean. This is particularly true if you don't have some short cuts in your cleaning arsenal. Read More 

How Your Choice Of New Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

9 March 2017
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Creating an energy efficient home is an important consideration for many American homeowners. This is largely due to the increased cost of electricity and other utilities and also due to the growing desire to create more sustainable living practices. Insulation of walls, floors, and ceilings is a very common way to combat these concerns, but reducing heat transference through windows is an issue that is often neglected. Windows generally represent between 15% and 20% of a home's wall surfaces and are the home's biggest culprits for allowing heat loss and gain. Read More 

Don’t Forget To Add These Accessories To Your New Windows

5 March 2017
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Replacement windows have such a positive effect on your ability to conserve energy and remain comfortable in your home. But if you really want to make the windows as close to perfect as possible, you can add some accessories that will increase your comfort and privacy while enhancing safety. These are easy to find and install; you just have to find the right styles for you. Weep Hole Screens or Plugs Read More 

Tips For Buying Windows In Hot Climates

2 March 2017
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If you live in a climate that tends to get very hot and stay hot for long periods of time throughout the year, there is a good chance that you want to minimize your cooling costs as much as possible. One major source of heat that could be plaguing your home is the simple heat of direct sunlight that streams through your windows. You likely already know that you need to use blackout curtains to keep the sun out during the day and help your home remain cooler. Read More 

Cooling Bill Sky-High In Your Home In The South? 3 Tips For Choosing Replacement Windows That Can Lower That Bill

20 January 2017
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If you just moved to the southern United States, then you may have thought that you would pay less for home energy each year due to not needing to crank up that heat during the winter or even turn it on at all. However, once summer arrived, you likely realized that while winter's home heating bills may have been much lower than they were in your home up north, the summer's cooling bill cost you much more than you expected. Read More